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Clover IIIF

A flexible IIIF Manifest viewer for Image, Audio, and Video canvases built with React.js

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Clover IIIF is a UI component that renders a multicanvas IIIF item viewer for Video and Sound content resources with pan-zoom support for Image via OpenSeadragon. Provide a IIIF Presentation manifest and the component:

Clover video-support

Example showing Clover IIIF rendering Video with a supplementing VTT cues for navigation.



Install the component from your command line using npm install,

npm install @samvera/clover-iiif

OR if you prefer Yarn, use yarn add.

yarn add @samvera/clover-iiif

Basic Usage

Add the CloverIIIF component to your jsx or tsx code.

import CloverIIIF from "@samvera/clover-iiif";

Minimal usage providing the <CloverIIIF/> component with an external manifest.

const id =

return <CloverIIIF id={id} />;

See Example

Usage with Next.js

Usage with Next.js requires a dynamic import using next/dynamic due to a dependency of OpenSeadragon.

import dynamic from "next/dynamic";

const CloverIIIF = dynamic(() => import("@samvera/clover-iiif"), {
  ssr: false,

const id = "";

return <CloverIIIF id={id} />;

Active Canvas

Example on using canvasIdCallback to return to your consuming application the active canvas ID. This will return as a string.

const id =

const handlCanvasIdCallback = (activeCanvasId) => {
  if (activeCanvasId) console.log(activeCanvasId);

return <CloverIIIF id={id} canvasIdCallback={handlCanvasIdCallback} />;

See Example

Configuring Captions

WebVTT content resources are the source for both content mapped closed captioning <track/> elements in the HTML 5 video player and to the navigator panel adjacent to it. You may ignore these resources as tracks if they are not intended for closed captioning or subtitling by string values matching the label of the content resource. This is a manual option within the viewer as there is no defined way for a manifest to prescribe motivation for these resources beyond supplementing.

Supplementing Annotation to Ignore

  "id": "",
  "type": "Annotation",
  "motivation": "supplementing",
  "body": {
    "id": "",
    "type": "Text",
    "format": "text/vtt",
    "label": {
      "en": ["Chapters"]
    "language": "en"
  "target": ""

Configuration Option Implementation

export default function App() {
  const id =

  const options = {
    ignoreCaptionLabels: ["Chapters"],

  return <CloverIIIF id={id} options={options} />;

See Example

Custom Theme

You may choose to override the base theme by setting optional colors and fonts. Naming conventions for colors are limited to those shown in the config example below.

const id =

const customTheme = {
  colors: {
     * Black and dark grays in a light theme.
     * All must contrast to 4.5 or greater with `secondary`.
    primary: "#37474F",
    primaryMuted: "#546E7A",
    primaryAlt: "#263238",

     * Key brand color(s).
     * `accent` must contrast to 4.5 or greater with `secondary`.
    accent: "#C62828",
    accentMuted: "#E57373",
    accentAlt: "#B71C1C",

     * White and light grays in a light theme.
     * All must must contrast to 4.5 or greater with `primary` and  `accent`.
    secondary: "#FFFFFF",
    secondaryMuted: "#ECEFF1",
    secondaryAlt: "#CFD8DC",
  fonts: {
    sans: "'Avenir', 'Helvetica Neue', sans-serif",
    display: "Optima, Georgia, Arial, sans-serif",

return <CloverIIIF id={id} customTheme={customTheme} />;

See Example


Prop Type Required Default
id string Yes
manifestId (deprecated) string No
canvasIdCallback function No
customTheme object No
options object No
options.canvasBackgroundColor string No #1a1d1e
options.canvasHeight string No 500px
options.ignoreCaptionLabels string[] No []
options.openSeadragon OpenSeadragon.Options No
options.renderAbout boolean No true
options.showIIIFBadge boolean No true
options.showInformationToggle boolean No true
options.showTitle boolean No true
options.withCredentials boolean No false

Clover can configured through an options prop, which will serve as a object for common options.

You can override the OpenSeadragon default options set within Clover to adjust touch and mouse gesture settings and various other configurations.

import CloverIIIF from "@samvera/clover-iiif";


// Supported options
const options = {
  // Primary title (Manifest label) for top level canvas.  Defaults to true
  showTitle: false,

  // IIIF Badge and popover containing options.  Defaults to true
  showIIIFBadge: false,

  // Ignore supplementing canvases by label value that are not for captioning
  ignoreCaptionLabels: ['Chapters'],

  // Override canvas background color, defaults to #1a1d1e
  canvasBackgroundColor: "#000",

  // Set canvas zooming onScoll (this defaults to false)
  openSeadragon: {
    gestureSettingsMouse: {
      scrollToZoom: true;

<CloverIIIF id={...} options={options} />

IIIF Presentation API Requirements

The Manifest or Collection provided to id:


Clover IIIF is built with:


This will open up a local dev server with live reloading.

npm install
npm run dev


This will build and package the component

npm run build

This will create a static version of the site to the /static directory

npm run build:static




This project is available under the MIT License.