Samvera Connect 2021 was held virtually from 18 to 22 October with a pre-conference workshop on Friday, 15 October. The programme had a wide range of activities with community building events, presentations, panels, technology and working group updates. The recordings are available as a playlist on the Samvera YouTube channel. Members of the Advancing Hyku team contributed to Samvera Connect with a panel and a lightning talk.

Lightning Talk/Demo Highlights:

Panel Highlights:

Our Hyku Projects Panel: In the Community and In the Wild captured Hyku projects across the community in various stages: -active implementation, nearing launch, and ramping up. Panelists were from – including Advancing Hyku, the British Library’s Shared Research Repository, and Hyku for Consortia. We shared community collaboration activities within Advancing Hyku as well as the code contributions and the remaining work until the end of the project, still on track for February 2022.

The most important goal of Advancing Hyku is to giving what we have achieved back to the community. We put our efforts in avoiding silos, working closely with other projects and unifying the vision of building upon each other’s work within the Samvera community.

To recap, the past 15 months of work:

[Samvera Hyku Roadmap Board](

With just a few months until it concludes, the Advancing Hyku project has achieved many of its goals:.

Roadmap Update/Remaining Work:

Advancing Hyku Roadmap Timeline – \*WP (Work package))

Being agile and realistic about the project deliverables while holding onto the main objectives is keeping us on track as we transition into the final deliverables of the Advancing Hyku project. The most visible deliverable will be a pilot to migrate open access content from UVA to the completed Advancing Hyku repository environment. Watch for updates on that work early in 2022.